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5 Easy (& Delicious!) Ways to Add Greens to your Diet During the Holidays

The excitement of the holiday season is upon us once again, along with the hustle and bustle that comes with it. Unfortunately, with “too much to do and too little time”, many social gatherings, and the overabundance of treats and baked goods, this time of year can be a little lacking when it comes to good nutrition. The good news is that greens, which are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, can easily be added to any meal during the holidays. And the best part is that they require only a few minutes to prepare! This holiday season consider adding greens to your meals in one of these five delicious ways:

1. Kale Chips – a scrumptious AND nutritious snack alternative that can be enjoyed by the whole family or shared during parties. For the perfect chip, see 6 Tips for Flawless Kale Chips by Oh She Glows blog. 2. Eggs with Sautéed Kale – this is a super tasty combo and an excellent way to get your greens with breakfast! Chop and lightly sauté kale in a little olive oil (on low to medium heat) with a clove of chopped garlic and a splash of Bragg’s seasoning (or coconut aminos or sea salt) for less than 1 minute (just until bright green). Serve with eggs of any style. 3. Lemon Zest Brussels Sprouts – a simple but delightful side-dish that would make a wonderful addition to traditional turkey dinner. Halve Brussels sprouts and lightly sauté in olive oil for a few minutes until softened and lightly browned. Season with lemon juice, a little lemon zest and a pinch of ground sea salt. 4. Turkey Collard Wraps – these make for a yummy lunch and a creative way to enjoy all that leftover turkey! Fill two large (the bigger, the better) collard leaves with sliced turkey and add any veggies and condiments you like. You might consider a combo of Dijon mustard, avocado, sliced tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and sprouts. Click HERE for tips from Honest Fare blog on “Mastering the Collard Wrap”. 5. Roasted Broccoli – for a variation on the usual steamed broccoli, try roasting broccoli florets as the perfect accompaniment to any dinner time meal. Check out this scrumptious Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli recipe by Damn Delicious blog.

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