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Curried Quinoa Salad

This is a quick and easy summer salad that can be served warm or cold. It is both gluten + dairy free for those with food allergies/sensitivities/intolerances!


- 1/2 cup cooked quinoa

- 3 cloves fresh garlic (chopped finely)

- 1/2 cup sweet red pepper

- 1/4 cup red onion (diced)

- 1/2 cup cucumber

- 2 Tbsps olive oil (or to taste)

- 1 Tbsp lemon juice (or to taste)

- 1 Tbsp curry powder (or to taste)

- 1/3 cup fresh cilantro (chopped)

- Ground sea salt and pepper to taste

- * Feta goat cheese to taste (optional if not allergic/intolerant to dairy)

- * 1 tsp chilli pepper infused olive oil (optional)

Cooking Instructions:

Cook quinoa for ~ 15 mins in a rice cooker - best to avoid overcooking the quinoa (i.e. "mushy" consistency). Remove from heat and let cool.

Add veggies and garlic - mix thoroughly

Add olive oil, lime juice, curry powder and mix together well

Add freshly chopped cilantro and mix well

*Add crumbled feta goat cheese and mix well (optional)

Add salt and pepper to taste

*Drizzle chilli pepper oil over top of salad once served (optional)

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